Chrildren of the Light

God bless and protect the children of the Light, amen. There are children who live in terror every waking moment of their life. They were born of parents who are lost in the density of the illusion. They were heartbroken, as their parents constantly yelled at them, beat them, and traumatized them. They were terrified of the very people that were supposed to protect them. My heart sinks now at the thought of what awfulness earth’s children must be going through.

One thing I disdain is a parent who persecutes rather than protects. Protecting our children not only refers to child’s physical protection, but mental and emotional protection as well. I ask you, lovingly, to speak a prayer for the children of the abuse. Very few abused children will turn their pain into powerful, positive progress. Most will be at the mercy of a world where everyone’s eyes are closed and there are none who can see truth. A world where greed and desperation ruled. Where no respect resides. This was the world that their parents were chained to. All of those parent’s fears controlled their actions rather than love.

These children are in hell. The system has failed them. The parents failed them first. Because the parent’s parents’ failed them as well. There are some who will have victory in breaking this vicious cycle. The world is sick and dying but from the ashes will rise a new world, a better world. A world filled with love and compassion. There will be no rulers except for God. The new world will have pure water running through it and the trees give fruit all year. There will be no killing of any kind. The creatures and humankind will live in peace.

I choose to believe in God’s Kingdom. So far what we have on earth is failing. It is time for change. Humankind cannot stand much more of the world as we know it. The world of illusions and lies. Blessed are those who find the door to the God’s Kingdom.

J.M. Smith


The Lord is my Light by J.M. Smith

The Lord is my Light. He watches over me each day and night. There is only one reason why any of us are here and that reason is God. Creator and Savior, and many more Names. That Source we call God is calling out to us. All of humanity. Nature. God will fight for His people and His people will have no doubt. They will believe. Love is the only entrance to God. From there, the rest will follow. Stop following the world. Start following your inner guide whom God has placed within all. Listen to your Spirit. God is here and He is watching and getting started on the harvest and the burn. Turn to God, who created you and created you for a purpose. He only asks that you listen, obey, and stay faithful. But first he wants you to be rid of all the abominations to His Plan and Purpose. Remove the darkness from inside you. Meditation not Medication. Remember the Earth, who we destroy when we buy and consume, Gaia gives you food and water. The Heavens give you Light. The door within the heart gives you Love. Remember Jesus died for this Cause. To free all of mankind from the slave system of money and greed and corruption to which every human being is chained. And this system is slowly harming and killing God’s Creation. We have to stop buying and consuming out of greed. Our greediness and desperations are not more important that our HOME! If you can learn to live simply you will find that all parties are satified. Stop wanting more and more, get a grip! A new world arrives each day and eternal life is a gift from God, thank be to His Son, Jesus Christ. Take care of your life giving home. This too is a gift from God. Until next time, Cheers.

We must start replenishing nature and resurrecting our Love for God. We should stop our constant buying and consuming if we are going to go sustainable. Our temporary home, our planet Earth, our Gaia. Our generations have begun to open their eyes and can see how disastreous our way of life is soon to be because of our disobedience to God and our abusiveness to Gaia. Only God can help us navigate our human lives and make good decisions. He gave us a set of rules years ago, The Ten Commandments. Those were for a good reason. If you believe in God,you will understand. In your own time.Through Christ I found the path to the mysteries of the Light. Who has risen and walks now and leads by God’s Light.

Invaded from Within

America is a great country but the earth is also a great planet. People are starting to wake up and see that our planet is changing. She is shifting and shaking all that she can so as not to harm her children. The children who obeyed the Creator and decided to care about her. For her.

Greed is a grievious sin against our Creator God. It breeds all other sins and it harms your soul. It is better to be thankful than it is to take and want more. From there comes more. The whole world myself included are stuck on a life support system that keeps us alive but at the same time killing the source that sustains us.

This world is going to have to change too. Our way of life will have to change if we are going to preserve humanity and the soul. Gaia has given so much and we keep taking every single time we buy buy buy. She deserves to be preserved. God made her and He made many more. There is so much more we have to discover but we have to fix our world first. It starts with you. Buy less than you need and RECYCLE!!! I want to see more recycling avalabilty to the public.

We are an intelligent species born from earth but from the stars. The light is here and Particles are avaibalble to all humans in order to absord the Light of God, Source Creator. In God I trust.

Attention Light bearers

This planet does not need us humans. We are dependant on earth and her resources. The rich, powerful, and corrupted men on earth have raped, pillared and plundered God’s Bride. Babylon is falling and will take years but it is falling. In place of the broken system let there be God’s rule and His Love and Light shine upon those souls whom have loved God and tended well to the Creations of God. Family of God we are at war and the war will only be won within you. It starts with you. 4444