A Vision Concerning Future of Earth

Written by Jessica Angel St. Cloud on 12-12-12

After haing passed through the eye of the needle, my purpose, my mission was revealed to me by Divine Revelation of Spirit.

Make obsolete the monetary system. Create a new one, one that allows all of humanity to eat and prepare the Ones who love our Creator God to make ready their own survival of faith before the fire (solar CME, etc.) blows over the entire earth. The fire will remove the dross and that which has corrupted our planet and our souls.

Just as the saints have been purified by Holy Fire which comes down into the crown through the heart and into the ground, so shall our earth (God’s Footstool) Recieve the purification.

Prepare for many years of activations of Divine DNA within humanity and nature as well. The catalyst was placed within us as we were being created. Source Creator Code is sacred and confusing for many but for you who get this…you are the 144 and you will rise as the Phoenix does so rise from its own ashes and smoke. Purified. We are here now and that is enough proof for me to believe that we will walk into the new heaven and new earth. As One. In Love. Through Light.

No one is getting out of here alive. These bodies weren’t made to fly. Nothing, not ANYTHING, belongs to us in this life in, this world. We own nothing, not our houses, not our cars, not our clothes, not our offspring, not even our souls. It all belongs to the Maker. When one chooses their material treasure over the care of human need(my grandfather , Jesus, could not stand human indifference to human need), just remember that the Soul can always get a new body but the body never gets a new soul. Remember this that everything in this world decays but our deeds follow us forever. While the children scream and cry in terror, while the children live in boxes, while the children have nothing to eat, I will never add unto myself what they are lacking. Be happy with the knowledge that your treasures are in Paradise. Don’t lose those treasures for your earthly lusts of nice things. Keep your heart pure and your love true. Disaster strikes so we will see that we’ve wrought greed at the expense of the children’s needs. 144

Dear Jesus Christ,

Please don’t forget the Gentile child

Who found David’s star in midst

Of the wild

By the reflection of It’s Light

Did this Star catch her Sight

She knew she had found

The Love of her life

She never lost, sold, nor threw It away.

Holding It close to heart, she begins learning It’s Way.

Wanting nothing more than to be able to say,”I AM The Daughter of David’s God, Forever always!”

She chose with a longing and passion to be instead

The Servant girl of The God

Who Raises her weary head.

Her heart has seen the beautiful Truth

That the only reason she even Knew

Was because of the Life and Death of You.

So Please she begs of You

Jesus the Christ,

Forgive her for forgetting

That it was always Your Light

Her heart hurts badly

Her tears fall like rain

Because of her forgetting

That the Star was Your Pain

I love you more now

Than ever before

Christ my beloved You are

The Door

Please let my Words reach Your Heart

I’ve come so very far

Since the day Heaven opened

And gave me Your Star.

Love Always