A Vision Concerning Future of Earth

Written by Jessica Angel St. Cloud on 12-12-12

After haing passed through the eye of the needle, my purpose, my mission was revealed to me by Divine Revelation of Spirit.

Make obsolete the monetary system. Create a new one, one that allows all of humanity to eat and prepare the Ones who love our Creator God to make ready their own survival of faith before the fire (solar CME, etc.) blows over the entire earth. The fire will remove the dross and that which has corrupted our planet and our souls.

Just as the saints have been purified by Holy Fire which comes down into the crown through the heart and into the ground, so shall our earth (God’s Footstool) Recieve the purification.

Prepare for many years of activations of Divine DNA within humanity and nature as well. The catalyst was placed within us as we were being created. Source Creator Code is sacred and confusing for many but for you who get this…you are the 144 and you will rise as the Phoenix does so rise from its own ashes and smoke. Purified. We are here now and that is enough proof for me to believe that we will walk into the new heaven and new earth. As One. In Love. Through Light.

No one is getting out of here alive. These bodies weren’t made to fly. Nothing, not ANYTHING, belongs to us in this life in, this world. We own nothing, not our houses, not our cars, not our clothes, not our offspring, not even our souls. It all belongs to the Maker. When one chooses their material treasure over the care of human need(my grandfather , Jesus, could not stand human indifference to human need), just remember that the Soul can always get a new body but the body never gets a new soul. Remember this that everything in this world decays but our deeds follow us forever. While the children scream and cry in terror, while the children live in boxes, while the children have nothing to eat, I will never add unto myself what they are lacking. Be happy with the knowledge that your treasures are in Paradise. Don’t lose those treasures for your earthly lusts of nice things. Keep your heart pure and your love true. Disaster strikes so we will see that we’ve wrought greed at the expense of the children’s needs. 144

Dear Human,

Let there be NO MERCY on every single person who administered and or partook of the pedophilia wickedness and adrenochrome removal, terror, sheer terror, of every child ever who suffered at the hands of those wicked people! Let the WICKED PRIEST RABBI PASTOR KING CEO HOLLYWOOD DISNEY MONARCHY AND MONEY MONGUL live in everlasting contempt, terror, painful shame! Let the wicked wail and scream as they have made the angels scream and cry in torment!! There is no mercy for those wicked ones!

Let The Children be first to walk in everlasting joy and peace in Gods Heaven! Let the angelic souls of the children be THE FIRST to park take of God’s Glory and Grace!

Every PRIEST RABBI RELIGIOUS LEADER that fed themselves while their parishioners starved, that manipulated the people and led them into darkness rather than light and looked away from the souls without clothing and food and shelter while they themselves lived lavishly…they have, to look to and dwell in, the very wicked they administered upon the PEOPLES AND CHILDREN.

Let us not go down with these evil souls but yet look and cry for our Creator to have mercy on us for our partaking of the unbelief, the love of our own inventions and money more than the GVER OF LIFE. Our slaughter and destruction of earth, earths creatures, and souls of humankind for the sake of our WANTING the things that rot and decay. For beautiful clothing while children wore rags, we will have loathing. For our fancy cars and homes we desired, while children slept in the cold, we will have in our flesh, gaping holes. For our love of money, while the earth was being polluted and abused, we will have a darkness with no stars and much gloom!

Stop this insanity and cry for OUR MAKER. Humans are a virus on the planet. We say we did not do that evil but we stood by and did NOTHING!!

I will admit I do not care if you return to God or not but for some reason God cares and wants all to know that you have a chance to turn to God and preserve your soul for the unimaginable beauty waiting on us.

No I am not perfect and no I am not worthy either. But if I stand by and say nothing when God told me to say this, then I am destined for the same existence as the despisers of God in the darkness of the bottomless pit or reincarnation of life destined for terror.

Don’t dare tell me God isn’t fair. Every thing we say, do, think and feel is our own judge and karma. For those who have given good will reap good, and those wicked will reap wicked.

For the BELIEVERS; don’t let your faith be shaken and don’t let unconditional love leave your heart and soul. Keep God First.

It’s truly LOVE that God has for Gods Creation and Gods Patience is unmatched. God created all. Each for its purpose, even Lucifer is Gods creation too. Yes there are many questions even I have many but I TRUST IN GOD who is the GAMEMASTER AND KING over everything. What have we got to lose?

God wants to be LOVED by us and what have we got to lose by forsaking these temporary things? More joy is in God’s heart when we turn from the false hopes and beliefs and our wrongdoing!! God doesn’t want any of us to suffer. It is up to us ALL to make a choice between life with THE CREATOR or the life of destructive evil. I am at fault when I say I do not care for really, I too want ALL to feel this glorious LOVE.144

Light Shines Into The Broken Heart

God comes with clouds. Dark clouds go before God. The Light is truly too magnificent to see with our physical eyes. I want to bask in the Light of God beyond the light we see. I’m in love with God! Magnificent and Amazing God is! There are no words to describe Creator. I’m not worthy of God’s love. Still Loved we are by The Lord of Lords even though we are all guilty of loving the creations more than The CREATOR. Mercy is truly DIVINE and Love is truly eternal. Above all things God is and through The King of Kings is the way to a blessed eternal existence. Pass the tests, pass through the rough waters, keep the foundation of faith strong and Gods Light will guide you and Gods Love will always carry you. Miracles await for you who cry for the help God has to get you through life’s pains and heartaches. A heart breaks letting in The Light, if you will receive. I love you all.144

God Is Alive and Avenging

You are loved more than you could ever imagine. You are the Spirit of God within human form. From whom do you think your breath comes from? From where does your ability to discern and decide intelligent thoughts originate? Some day science and spirituality will unite and many will see that God Source Creator, The First Flame, created everything. We are sparks from the Divine Light. Emanating from God. And we were given simple instructions to follow. Love. Peace. Compassion. It had been lost for aeons but is returned for us. We have to decide which is more important, love of money or love of God and each other?

A difficult decision to make in a world that has been set up for so long to keep us enslaved by tools of money, time and religion. The few who have awakened years ago will be grateful to know that the Work was not in vain and the results are manifesting in totality this year 2020.

How do we live without money? We help each other. Everyone has a unique gift and talent and I’m talking about the gifts of living. We stopped farming our own food and have been eating unnaturally. We’ve forsaken the horse and the land for metal and destruction. We’ve turned our back on Eden and God.

The Army of Angels have arrived this year and they are many. It is time for us to turn within. We have angered Creator with our destruction of earth and our unmercifully ways of dealing with each other. Our inventions and our industry and manufacturing, raping of our own planet and selling of our own souls for temporary pleasures.

We sit in our fancy houses while God’s house is in shambles. We have forgotten how to be at peace with each and nature. It is time to call out to God with sincere hearts and minds. Not many will make it but the ones who do will dwell in safety with none to harm them.

The trumpets have sounded and the 12th hour is upon us. We’re way past the sealing of God’s Children and money’s slaves. My heart is rejoicing that I am at least a servant of God and have forsaken the ways of the world for Heaven and Earth to be Returned to its Glorious condition.

What are we waiting for? The call has sounded. The reaping has begun.222

Copyright © Jessica Angel

You hold the key to Heaven

We are all Divine and our Hearts United will bring more Light. Unity is the mission and Love is the key. I love you all so very much and it hurts my heart to see so much pain in you all. You’re beautiful and you are always in our Creators heart. Always. Let us release this pain that we’ve carried for eons and Forgive. The light is you and you are the light and you are the love.12:12

Copyright © Jessica Angel