Tree Wisdom

Nature holds so much good for us living beings and especially trees. Without the trees of earth would be have enough oxygen? I think not. With all of the earths ecosystems being in danger and earth itself being abused and slaughtered for the sake of money, we won’t have a future. I think our existence and earths existence is truly remarkable and magical. It took aeons for all of earth and her inhabitants to form and evolve into what we see now. Yet we are destroying it faster than we know. Not for long.

With the rising of consciousness and the awakening of humans to the light and truth, we our changing our world and how we live. Change doesn’t happen overnight but it is happening and now we are moving towards Unity and Love. All beings united in love is the key to our continued and enlightened existence. There isn’t just hope, there is BELIEF. Faith is more powerful than we can see.

Paradise is returning slowly and I long for it with my whole being. In the meantime I have found that sitting in nature and silence opens doors of wisdom to stream into consciousness. I listen to the wind and it speaks. I listen to the trees and they speak. God is in everything good and pure because God is EVERYTHING GOOD.

We tend to get caught up in The machinery of society that we fall away from nature and our own Souls. The souls who turn back to God and the Good creation, caring for it and appreciating our beautiful planet are the very Souls who shall enter Paradise.

My heart absolutely breaks when I find that more trees are being cut down, oil spills in the waters , animals wrongfully mistreated and abused, and it is our own fault. But a few are remedying the situations and we have heard the call and answered it. So that our descendants have a habitable home.

Get out into nature. Sit under a tree or beside the ocean. Listen to the silence for it speaks of love and truth. Won’t you try it? Won’t you join us in bring Paradise back? It’s your home too. Only love, pure love unconditional will be allowed within the Gates. Let us cleanse our hearts and God’s Creation!2:44

Copyright © Jessica Angel

You Are Important!

The world needs kindness, courtesy, and love. But most importantly the people need to incorporate MINDFULNESS into every aspect of their lives. Be mindful of your thoughts and your words as well as your own feelings. Be mindful of each other and our effect on all of life. We’re all connected in some way and each action causes a reaction no matter what the distance or time be. Mindfulness is the Masters gateway to Ascended Consciousness. Love is the key and the door is your very own heart.12:21

Copyright © Jessica Angel

You hold the key to Heaven

We are all Divine and our Hearts United will bring more Light. Unity is the mission and Love is the key. I love you all so very much and it hurts my heart to see so much pain in you all. You’re beautiful and you are always in our Creators heart. Always. Let us release this pain that we’ve carried for eons and Forgive. The light is you and you are the light and you are the love.12:12

Copyright © Jessica Angel

Creating our Heaven

All that is beautiful, joyful, and aligned with our souls requires much Patience, Love, and Faith to grow and manifest. All of creation pure was made in a long space of time. Many souls have awoken to the truth that we are responsible for creating a New Earth and no longer will God allow mankind continue to rape, slaughter and abuse our beautiful planet! And for what? Money?!?. No longer will the wicked kill children and sell the souls of innocents! In such a short space we’ve all almost destroyed this beauty and for what? To have things that give you pleasure and eventually is wasted? We long for the New Earth to be felt by ALL. There is no longer going to be any holding back this Creation. Consumers are held responsible for much of this destruction. We can’t point fingers anymore. We all live here and breathe this air and we all want clean water and fresh fruit. There is so much to do that will help this process of creation and if it means stop buying senseless things that destroy your Sacred Mother then by all means stop!! If it means being kind to one another then be Kind!! If it means to care about one another then Care!! We are all here together and we are all here to make sure that all of the planet and all beings are treated with love. It is a challenge I know but my Beloveds, the outcome is far more beautiful than you could ever imagine!! Let us put aside our divisions because there is none! We are not separate but we are all ONE. Each a divine spark of Creator’s Whole Flame. Please stop fighting! Please stop hurting one another!! The time is NOW and the answer is LOVE. And Heaven starts with us in LOVE!

Copyright © Jessica Angel

Our Star

Yes we were lied to about our SUN and no it is not our enemy. The enemy is called FEAR and the solution is called LOVE. The rays are powerful with the Grand Solar Flash and is the light that we all needed to see past the manipulation and lies of those who hold the chains of religion, politics and money on your shoulders. Get outside and unplug the devices (the black boxes ). Soak up the sun and see again. Remember who you really are? You are the ONE that you’ve been waiting for! Your Creator is INSIDE of your heart. You were never separated but merely misled by those you put your faith in. Look up. Look within. I feel your anger yet it is justified and only for a short time because the time of forgiveness is NOW and taking back your Divine Heritage is NOW. Don’t doubt your own power for one second! You doubt that ONE who made all when you doubt yourselves. Love is light. Light is love.

Copyright © Jessica Angel