Part of the Transition

The world as we know it is changing. That is something most people would agree on. Most importantly, it is a change that requires all of us and not for a few days. We have to change NOW and in our every day lives. There will be sacrifices to be made and compromising to be required if we are all going to work together. To give back to this beautiful plant we call GAIA, is to give our descendants life.


Revelations is NOW

Kethuvim, Lamentations 1-2

For the longest time I have desired to achieve what I am attaining for now. To write. To put my heart and the words that bubble up within from midst of this beautiful, bloody and bold organ of the flesh. The heart knows. I set out to find this years ago, that the heart knows. For the mind has in the past been a slave to fear, to manipulation, to decay, and to LIES. But we have ARISEN, now we are awake! The light has amassed more light over these long hard years and now it is OVERCOMING that which humanity has been imprisoned. It has overcome. And It will always. The power in your mind is of choosing. The choosing of BELIEVING in the highest good of all, in love pure, and in honesty, first with oneself and then with each other and in doing so MANIFESTING an outcome, a new reality and immortal life.

Of course these human bodies, magnifencent as they all are, cannot and is not meant to stay alive FOREVER. That grand crown is for your Spirit. Your spirit within, that which shows you and moves you and makes you intellingent and wise. The spirit is poured into new bodies according to your lessons learned or unlearned on the planet and in life where we begin our journey and tests. Those elite who used us for the past millions of years are now the very ones in whom they stole from, abused, lied to, and threw down to be poor and poverty stricken. Yes, we have been placed under a new government, cosmically, their are levels and stations and each has a rule to abide by. One may go down the levels of one’s own throne(station) but NEVER go above because that is not your level yet.

The testing of the whole world began years ago and Gaia, our sweet earth is pissed, and hurt. She has been slaughtered, pillered, and raped by men for the sake of money and in the process they have damaged their own souls. It is time to begin the midst of the BOOK of Revelations for we have already responded to and activated the call for the time was ripe and the Earth cries were heard as were the cries of the Children who, pure, were being stained with blood of unmericful and immoral rulers and their minions.

Stay in your pure heart space and BREATHE breathe deep and slow so grateful to have a planet in which the oxygen we need is to grow us. We have shrunk but now, my fellow light brothers and sisters. Water and light. Water is light. You are the light the world needs to heal. BREATHE,.Air is light. BREATHE. It is time for you to shine so God can carry on and not waste another aeon for us to catch up.919

God’s Divine Earth

It is nice that the animals can come out and play while we, humans, are locked away.

We are the virus, we are the cure. We are the reason for all we endure.

Don’t point fingers, don’t blame God.

We all drank the wine of Magog. We all have desired the works of man, lusted after the inventions of our own hands.

We burn in our lungs for burning God’s trees.

We filled our cups with blood from the oil spills in the seas.

We traded the lives of animals and child to be temporarily pleased.

The slaughter, the rape, the global hate is being recripocated and not a moment too late.

The dollars and cents and all money spent, the killing and destruction of innocents,

This, dear humans, is what we have done

To that which we were supposed take care of.

But we forsook the Responsibility and Divine Reward.

They looked up to us, to keep them safe.

To sow and till and reap

The fruits of Faith.

Master, Maker, Creator Divine

Will be disappointed when It arrives,

To do inventory of the earth and all who reside.

Not one will escape none will get out alive.

All souls evil or devout

Must give report on the Masters House.

Wouldn’t you be angry as well?

You wouldn’t like it at all

To know your children

Have burned to ashes destroyed your Earthly Walls

And chose to destroy,

While ignoring their downfall.

The grass the trees the flowers

Will grow

Upon the earth and heaven

The Winds will blow

The Water will flow

The Mountains will move

The Valleys be raised

In due time, new man will be made.

For our destruction we reap open graves.

Cry to The Master! Creator of Earth! Stop this madness of putting money first!!

Swallow your pride and stop your fight! We are AS ANTS!! We need God’s LIGHT !! CRY CRY CRY AND DESTROY ALL YOUR pretty things!! It’s a slap in the face and an even worse disgrace,

To think we are immune

To the Reckoning We all Face.

But WAIT!! No no no

Don’t turn to God NOW

because you are afraid!!

That’s not True LOVE!!

Like our pretty things

And our money

We will decay

But the Spirit is forever

Be it shamed

Or be it Graced.

God is Truly Majestic.

(The blessed go first)

The wicked one will eat dirt.

No we aren’t perfect

And yet we have Grace

That comes from The Creator

Whom gave us this beautiful place.

New Earth, New Heaven

Await the Souls who Love God more than silver and gold.

Copyright © Jessica Angel

Our Star

Yes we were lied to about our SUN and no it is not our enemy. The enemy is called FEAR and the solution is called LOVE. The rays are powerful with the Grand Solar Flash and is the light that we all needed to see past the manipulation and lies of those who hold the chains of religion, politics and money on your shoulders. Get outside and unplug the devices (the black boxes ). Soak up the sun and see again. Remember who you really are? You are the ONE that you’ve been waiting for! Your Creator is INSIDE of your heart. You were never separated but merely misled by those you put your faith in. Look up. Look within. I feel your anger yet it is justified and only for a short time because the time of forgiveness is NOW and taking back your Divine Heritage is NOW. Don’t doubt your own power for one second! You doubt that ONE who made all when you doubt yourselves. Love is light. Light is love.

Copyright © Jessica Angel