Our Mother Gaia

This beautiful planet we call home, also know as Earth or Gaia, deserves so much more than what we have given her. We take from her all of her precious resources and most of us never give back. We take and take and take. Most of the population has to take in order to survive but there are also many who take more than they need and leave such a drastic imprint upon her, a carbon imprint. All of the consuming and buying has done so much damage and now we are seeing the effects. The atmosphere is changing. We all see the changes happening in our climate yet we are still complacent and spending money on those things we don’t need. Gaia gives us land to grow our food but governments, elites and high rollers make it more difficult for one to own land in order to live off of it. It all boils down to money, our monetary system. This world has been set up in a way that without money we could not survive unless we own our own land and live off it or unless we slave in mundane jobs for little pay. Most people cannot even afford food much less their own land and homes. Everyone must do what they can to give back to Gaia. Recycling plastics is one way we can give back to Gaia. When my family and I began recycling plastics, I was appalled at how much of everything we buy comes in plastic containers and packaging. I am disgusted by how much ends up in landfills. It seems hopeless when you look at the whole of things. I do believe we are past the point of return. God has always turned the Gaia around from the destruction of man upon her. Gaia doesn’t need humanity. We need her. The extreme heat is just the beginning of what is to come. However, God knows who truly destroys His creation and who truly cares. He knows who constantly takes and who gives back. God has given man a beautiful planet, all of the animals, and woman. Look what he has done to all three. How undeserving we are of all three! Gaia has a fever and humanity is the virus. A virus that will be wiped out with only a few to remain. The survivors are those who have loved God more than money and have put nothing above The Creator. They will be the ones who took care of God’s gifts to man. Were we created to take care of God’s creation? I believe so. We are in the beginning of the end of the world as we’ve known it. The collapse of capitalism is close. Seek God and never let God go. Then will you be given all that you need. Constant consumerism will end. The time is now.

Revelation 11:18

A Vision Concerning Future of Earth

Written by Jessica Angel St. Cloud on 12-12-12

After haing passed through the eye of the needle, my purpose, my mission was revealed to me by Divine Revelation of Spirit.

Make obsolete the monetary system. Create a new one, one that allows all of humanity to eat and prepare the Ones who love our Creator God to make ready their own survival of faith before the fire (solar CME, etc.) blows over the entire earth. The fire will remove the dross and that which has corrupted our planet and our souls.

Just as the saints have been purified by Holy Fire which comes down into the crown through the heart and into the ground, so shall our earth (God’s Footstool) Recieve the purification.

Prepare for many years of activations of Divine DNA within humanity and nature as well. The catalyst was placed within us as we were being created. Source Creator Code is sacred and confusing for many but for you who get this…you are the 144 and you will rise as the Phoenix does so rise from its own ashes and smoke. Purified. We are here now and that is enough proof for me to believe that we will walk into the new heaven and new earth. As One. In Love. Through Light.

Part of the Transition

The world as we know it is changing. That is something most people would agree on. Most importantly, it is a change that requires all of us and not for a few days. We have to change NOW and in our every day lives. There will be sacrifices to be made and compromising to be required if we are all going to work together. To give back to this beautiful plant we call GAIA, is to give our descendants life.

Revelations is NOW

Kethuvim, Lamentations 1-2

For the longest time I have desired to achieve what I am attaining for now. To write. To put my heart and the words that bubble up within from midst of this beautiful, bloody and bold organ of the flesh. The heart knows. I set out to find this years ago, that the heart knows. For the mind has in the past been a slave to fear, to manipulation, to decay, and to LIES. But we have ARISEN, now we are awake! The light has amassed more light over these long hard years and now it is OVERCOMING that which humanity has been imprisoned. It has overcome. And It will always. The power in your mind is of choosing. The choosing of BELIEVING in the highest good of all, in love pure, and in honesty, first with oneself and then with each other and in doing so MANIFESTING an outcome, a new reality and immortal life.

Of course these human bodies, magnifencent as they all are, cannot and is not meant to stay alive FOREVER. That grand crown is for your Spirit. Your spirit within, that which shows you and moves you and makes you intellingent and wise. The spirit is poured into new bodies according to your lessons learned or unlearned on the planet and in life where we begin our journey and tests. Those elite who used us for the past millions of years are now the very ones in whom they stole from, abused, lied to, and threw down to be poor and poverty stricken. Yes, we have been placed under a new government, cosmically, their are levels and stations and each has a rule to abide by. One may go down the levels of one’s own throne(station) but NEVER go above because that is not your level yet.

The testing of the whole world began years ago and Gaia, our sweet earth is pissed, and hurt. She has been slaughtered, pillered, and raped by men for the sake of money and in the process they have damaged their own souls. It is time to begin the midst of the BOOK of Revelations for we have already responded to and activated the call for the time was ripe and the Earth cries were heard as were the cries of the Children who, pure, were being stained with blood of unmericful and immoral rulers and their minions.

Stay in your pure heart space and BREATHE breathe deep and slow so grateful to have a planet in which the oxygen we need is to grow us. We have shrunk but now, my fellow light brothers and sisters. Water and light. Water is light. You are the light the world needs to heal. BREATHE,.Air is light. BREATHE. It is time for you to shine so God can carry on and not waste another aeon for us to catch up.919