A Vision Concerning Future of Earth

Written by Jessica Angel St. Cloud on 12-12-12

After haing passed through the eye of the needle, my purpose, my mission was revealed to me by Divine Revelation of Spirit.

Make obsolete the monetary system. Create a new one, one that allows all of humanity to eat and prepare the Ones who love our Creator God to make ready their own survival of faith before the fire (solar CME, etc.) blows over the entire earth. The fire will remove the dross and that which has corrupted our planet and our souls.

Just as the saints have been purified by Holy Fire which comes down into the crown through the heart and into the ground, so shall our earth (God’s Footstool) Recieve the purification.

Prepare for many years of activations of Divine DNA within humanity and nature as well. The catalyst was placed within us as we were being created. Source Creator Code is sacred and confusing for many but for you who get this…you are the 144 and you will rise as the Phoenix does so rise from its own ashes and smoke. Purified. We are here now and that is enough proof for me to believe that we will walk into the new heaven and new earth. As One. In Love. Through Light.

Part of the Transition

The world as we know it is changing. That is something most people would agree on. Most importantly, it is a change that requires all of us and not for a few days. We have to change NOW and in our every day lives. There will be sacrifices to be made and compromising to be required if we are all going to work together. To give back to this beautiful plant we call GAIA, is to give our descendants life.

Revelations is NOW

Kethuvim, Lamentations 1-2

For the longest time I have desired to achieve what I am attaining for now. To write. To put my heart and the words that bubble up within from midst of this beautiful, bloody and bold organ of the flesh. The heart knows. I set out to find this years ago, that the heart knows. For the mind has in the past been a slave to fear, to manipulation, to decay, and to LIES. But we have ARISEN, now we are awake! The light has amassed more light over these long hard years and now it is OVERCOMING that which humanity has been imprisoned. It has overcome. And It will always. The power in your mind is of choosing. The choosing of BELIEVING in the highest good of all, in love pure, and in honesty, first with oneself and then with each other and in doing so MANIFESTING an outcome, a new reality and immortal life.

Of course these human bodies, magnifencent as they all are, cannot and is not meant to stay alive FOREVER. That grand crown is for your Spirit. Your spirit within, that which shows you and moves you and makes you intellingent and wise. The spirit is poured into new bodies according to your lessons learned or unlearned on the planet and in life where we begin our journey and tests. Those elite who used us for the past millions of years are now the very ones in whom they stole from, abused, lied to, and threw down to be poor and poverty stricken. Yes, we have been placed under a new government, cosmically, their are levels and stations and each has a rule to abide by. One may go down the levels of one’s own throne(station) but NEVER go above because that is not your level yet.

The testing of the whole world began years ago and Gaia, our sweet earth is pissed, and hurt. She has been slaughtered, pillered, and raped by men for the sake of money and in the process they have damaged their own souls. It is time to begin the midst of the BOOK of Revelations for we have already responded to and activated the call for the time was ripe and the Earth cries were heard as were the cries of the Children who, pure, were being stained with blood of unmericful and immoral rulers and their minions.

Stay in your pure heart space and BREATHE breathe deep and slow so grateful to have a planet in which the oxygen we need is to grow us. We have shrunk but now, my fellow light brothers and sisters. Water and light. Water is light. You are the light the world needs to heal. BREATHE,.Air is light. BREATHE. It is time for you to shine so God can carry on and not waste another aeon for us to catch up.919

Faith in Humanity-Lead by Example

It has been quite some time since I have written and I do not know where to begin. I have seen things in the sky that most others do not recognize nor really see beneath what is seen by eyes to see and heart to feel. The clouds cloaking light ships began arriving at the toward the end of 2019 and I knew what they were once I saw them. Light beings cloaked by the clouds and come to help humanities acscension and unveiling of their minds. Not many see but some do. Some of us know what it is and who they are. They are light guardians from galaxies beyond the one in which we dwell. And they have come to unseat the wicked who have held us in slavery of the mind and soul. Until now. The world is changing at a faster pace now and climate change is finally being took seriously and something is being done about it now. What can you do to help do your part in making the process fruitful?

You start by looking within your own heart. Ask yourself…who am I am what is my purpose. Pay attention to those subtle signs that appear to you and those signs will lead you forward to more of who you are and what your purpse is. You must love who you are and love all of you. Before we can change the world we must first make the right changes within us and in our own lives. Love your soul, live from love, make your choices from a standpoint of love and not fear. Help each other. We all must learn to workd together and stop fighting of frivious things. We must stop harming our planet and ourselves and each other. Stop consuming the things you don’t need..things which harm the planet in their creation and production. The material things in this world are temporary, but our charactor and our actions and our love follows us into each lifetime in which we incarnate.

One of my first lessons taught to me by archangels was that to change the world one must first change within themselves things that are self destructive and damaging to the soul and the heart. We don’t have to do extravagant works to make change happen. We live our daily lives but live in a way that makes life easier for all people. When shopping, put your shopping cart in the bin in which it goes after unloasding your goods. Don’t leave it there. and if you have trash, don’t just throw it on the ground or highway, this harms living creatures and it shows that you do not care about your home, planet earth. And if you show no love or care of respect for this beautiful planet then how are you going to welcomed into the new earth and then..expect to be a dweller in heaven? Smile at that person that walks by you. Say hello. Help that mother who is struggling with a tired child. Be who you were meant to be. A human angel in this age of the apocolype who is here for a reason. You are loved and you must love yourself first for then you will love others. God is within you and you are Gods arms and legs and hands and you are the house in which God dwells. When you hurt God does hurt too. Go within your own self for what you seek and anser too. There is nothing outside of you that will ever satisfy nor save you. Everything you need is deep inside of your heart and your DNA.

When I recently moved to a big city from a rural area, the one thing I noticed most was that people were very rude to one another and they showed no respect for themselve nor did they show respect for the planet. They seemed sad but angry and I saw that within them there was a confusion..a depression. So, I begain my work anchoring the light in the city. I smiled, and I asked everyone I came in contact with such as cashiers, waitress, whomever I came in contact with, I asked them with a smile in my eyes, “Hello! how are you today”? and immediately they lit up and smiled and in that split second all of the frowning and tiredness disappeared. I kept doing this, as well as putting my shopping cart where it belongs, picking up other peoples litter when I see it, and on and on. I have been here a month almost and now when I go out, I have noticed that people have changed. They are being kinder to each other now and putting their shopping carts back and picking up litter! You see, every action we do makes a ripple effect and affects people no matter how far away. Energy is spirit and spirit is engery and both are light. And our acts of kindness in sincerely is the most powerful tool in bring peace on earth. And our belief in each other, that will raise the ascension of all humanity as well. We can do this my fellow human angels! Every thing we think, we can manifest. We can achieve it if we believe it! Belief is more powerful than you may think. It is consciousness and consciousness is collective. We are the children of the Light. Drink water, breathe, meditate and never underestimate the power of LOVE.55