The Lord is my Light by J.M. Smith

The Lord is my Light. He watches over me each day and night. There is only one reason why any of us are here and that reason is God. Creator and Savior, and many more Names. That Source we call God is calling out to us. All of humanity. Nature. God will fight for His people and His people will have no doubt. They will believe. Love is the only entrance to God. From there, the rest will follow. Stop following the world. Start following your inner guide whom God has placed within all. Listen to your Spirit. God is here and He is watching and getting started on the harvest and the burn. Turn to God, who created you and created you for a purpose. He only asks that you listen, obey, and stay faithful. But first he wants you to be rid of all the abominations to His Plan and Purpose. Remove the darkness from inside you. Meditation not Medication. Remember the Earth, who we destroy when we buy and consume, Gaia gives you food and water. The Heavens give you Light. The door within the heart gives you Love. Remember Jesus died for this Cause. To free all of mankind from the slave system of money and greed and corruption to which every human being is chained. And this system is slowly harming and killing God’s Creation. We have to stop buying and consuming out of greed. Our greediness and desperations are not more important that our HOME! If you can learn to live simply you will find that all parties are satified. Stop wanting more and more, get a grip! A new world arrives each day and eternal life is a gift from God, thank be to His Son, Jesus Christ. Take care of your life giving home. This too is a gift from God. Until next time, Cheers.


Invaded from Within

America is a great country but the earth is also a great planet. People are starting to wake up and see that our planet is changing. She is shifting and shaking all that she can so as not to harm her children. The children who obeyed the Creator and decided to care about her. For her.

Greed is a grievious sin against our Creator God. It breeds all other sins and it harms your soul. It is better to be thankful than it is to take and want more. From there comes more. The whole world myself included are stuck on a life support system that keeps us alive but at the same time killing the source that sustains us.

This world is going to have to change too. Our way of life will have to change if we are going to preserve humanity and the soul. Gaia has given so much and we keep taking every single time we buy buy buy. She deserves to be preserved. God made her and He made many more. There is so much more we have to discover but we have to fix our world first. It starts with you. Buy less than you need and RECYCLE!!! I want to see more recycling avalabilty to the public.

We are an intelligent species born from earth but from the stars. The light is here and Particles are avaibalble to all humans in order to absord the Light of God, Source Creator. In God I trust.

Our Mother Gaia

This beautiful planet we call home, also know as Earth or Gaia, deserves so much more than what we have given her. We take from her all of her precious resources and most of us never give back. We take and take and take. Most of the population has to take in order to survive but there are also many who take more than they need and leave such a drastic imprint upon her, a carbon imprint. All of the consuming and buying has done so much damage and now we are seeing the effects. The atmosphere is changing. We all see the changes happening in our climate yet we are still complacent and spending money on those things we don’t need. Gaia gives us land to grow our food but governments, elites and high rollers make it more difficult for one to own land in order to live off of it. It all boils down to money, our monetary system. This world has been set up in a way that without money we could not survive unless we own our own land and live off it or unless we slave in mundane jobs for little pay. Most people cannot even afford food much less their own land and homes. Everyone must do what they can to give back to Gaia. Recycling plastics is one way we can give back to Gaia. When my family and I began recycling plastics, I was appalled at how much of everything we buy comes in plastic containers and packaging. I am disgusted by how much ends up in landfills. It seems hopeless when you look at the whole of things. I do believe we are past the point of return. God has always turned the Gaia around from the destruction of man upon her. Gaia doesn’t need humanity. We need her. The extreme heat is just the beginning of what is to come. However, God knows who truly destroys His creation and who truly cares. He knows who constantly takes and who gives back. God has given man a beautiful planet, all of the animals, and woman. Look what he has done to all three. How undeserving we are of all three! Gaia has a fever and humanity is the virus. A virus that will be wiped out with only a few to remain. The survivors are those who have loved God more than money and have put nothing above The Creator. They will be the ones who took care of God’s gifts to man. Were we created to take care of God’s creation? I believe so. We are in the beginning of the end of the world as we’ve known it. The collapse of capitalism is close. Seek God and never let God go. Then will you be given all that you need. Constant consumerism will end. The time is now.

Revelation 11:18

Who have I?

My depression is causing my heart to ache. I have been uprooted, rejected and displaced. I am living in a city in which I know none. No friends, no family, just my offspring less one. All this pain in which I’ve gained, all this lonliness in my space. I do the best that I can to provide for my loving children and I. There is none who to care for me when I am sick or when I cry.

My whole life I desired only God and family. My children I have but the rest have rejected me. What have I done to deserve this lonely life, which has been nothing but pain and strife. Perhaps is is my fault I am alone. I pushed all away before they could break my heart and my bones. Traumatized and abused and disowned.

I shall not allow this black pit in which I dwell, to drown my children in it’s eternal well. I will stand up and scream out light. I will keep going and facing this pain, remembering not to let it touch my children. To protect them from my heartbreak, to raise them up in light. Teaching them that love is the basis of all life.

I thought I had a mother but now I know I do not. For she was the first one who broke my heart. Therefore, my purpose is to be the best mother I can be. To protect, provide and guide my children in this cold world. Do it alone I shall, for I fear God has left us. Or perhaps I have turned away from God. I need my Lord now more than ever to unbreak my heart. I desire not romance, nor marriage, nor material things. I only hope for our own home to be filled with family and friends. And lots of dogs, a horse or two. Perhaps some chickens with a chicken coop. Are my desires to much to ask for? I suppose being alone this is something I can’t seem to reach for. Should I pass away, there will be none at my memorial service, save my three children and angels I have always cried out for.

I want to be wanted, to be needed and loved. Not by a romance but by the family and God. I love my children more than anything in life. I promise I will never turn my back on them nor cause them strife. I hope someday I can forgive my own mother but for now it is a hope that I cannot seem to reach for.

I merely hope to give my children the best life can offer. They deserve more than they have been given and I hope that I am doing a wonderful job raising them alone. I protect them from those who have broke my heart and would break my bones. God please turn back to me. Save me from this depression and despair. Please hold me. Hold my children in your loving arms forever and ever and let us be safe in this lonely place in which we have been displaced. Thank you God for loving us true. Thank you for keeping us safe from those who distrust You.

Space Alien Dream

What a night! I rarely write down my dreams anymore, let alone post them. But this particular dream from last night has stuck with me until now, when I decided this should be recorded. I feel as it should be. Who knows what the future holds?

Everyone was hiding. At first, in the dream, I did not know why people were hiding and they were hiding anywhere they could find! Everyone was scared, I was curious. It was like I had just woken up in the dream to something that was happening in the now.

There were warehouses, storage units, portapotties, different buildings, and all housed humans hiding within from an unseen danger. Until two people pulled me inside a small, closet like space and told me with a shush to be quiet! That is when I heard them coming closer. The sound was the most chilling sound I have ever heard in reality or dream.

You could hear them as they got closer. They made a mellow, trilling sound that got louder as they got closer. Umfortunately, I stumbled and caused the building wall, flimsy as it were, to shake. The Being heard me. The Being stopped and my worse nightmare began.

The Being opened the door and we all had our eyes closed. Some were hid better than I was. I appeared in the dream a bit too late to find a proper hiding space. So, I feigned death, or sleep. My foolishness was apparent when the Being touched my eyelids and with a soft voice, a kind voice spoke.

“Oh! She is merely closing her eyes!” It was the softest voice I ever heard and when the Being opened my eye It had shifted into the human form of a man. My struggle was futile and I knew it. I had no choice except to let him do to me what they were doing to all humans when they found and captured them.

My head was tilted back and two tubes, plastic and cold, were thrust into my nostrils. Just as soon as the shapeshifter attached the tubeds far into my nose, the blood within my brain was sucked out through my nose into a machine that I could not see, nor could I hear but I felt the vibration. They did not take it all. They did not take my life. They did, however, take me and place me in a new place. A new dimension. A new world. Whatever you may call it. I was different, I felt different, and I thought differently, after they took my blood and placed me in a new state of being.

I do feel like this dream was a symbolic meaning of something in my life. I am not sure what. Maybe I watch too many movies? But this felt too real. Perhaps, what with NASA sending signals to space, we are sending signals to beings far beyond the great black, and we know not what we are attracting to our planet!!

Stay safe my fellow humans. Stay strong. Stay true. Stay you. Much love.

Jessica Angel