Space Alien Dream

What a night! I rarely write down my dreams anymore, let alone post them. But this particular dream from last night has stuck with me until now, when I decided this should be recorded. I feel as it should be. Who knows what the future holds?

Everyone was hiding. At first, in the dream, I did not know why people were hiding and they were hiding anywhere they could find! Everyone was scared, I was curious. It was like I had just woken up in the dream to something that was happening in the now.

There were warehouses, storage units, portapotties, different buildings, and all housed humans hiding within from an unseen danger. Until two people pulled me inside a small, closet like space and told me with a shush to be quiet! That is when I heard them coming closer. The sound was the most chilling sound I have ever heard in reality or dream.

You could hear them as they got closer. They made a mellow, trilling sound that got louder as they got closer. Umfortunately, I stumbled and caused the building wall, flimsy as it were, to shake. The Being heard me. The Being stopped and my worse nightmare began.

The Being opened the door and we all had our eyes closed. Some were hid better than I was. I appeared in the dream a bit too late to find a proper hiding space. So, I feigned death, or sleep. My foolishness was apparent when the Being touched my eyelids and with a soft voice, a kind voice spoke.

“Oh! She is merely closing her eyes!” It was the softest voice I ever heard and when the Being opened my eye It had shifted into the human form of a man. My struggle was futile and I knew it. I had no choice except to let him do to me what they were doing to all humans when they found and captured them.

My head was tilted back and two tubes, plastic and cold, were thrust into my nostrils. Just as soon as the shapeshifter attached the tubeds far into my nose, the blood within my brain was sucked out through my nose into a machine that I could not see, nor could I hear but I felt the vibration. They did not take it all. They did not take my life. They did, however, take me and place me in a new place. A new dimension. A new world. Whatever you may call it. I was different, I felt different, and I thought differently, after they took my blood and placed me in a new state of being.

I do feel like this dream was a symbolic meaning of something in my life. I am not sure what. Maybe I watch too many movies? But this felt too real. Perhaps, what with NASA sending signals to space, we are sending signals to beings far beyond the great black, and we know not what we are attracting to our planet!!

Stay safe my fellow humans. Stay strong. Stay true. Stay you. Much love.

Jessica Angel


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My purpose to is share with you love and shine the light for you in this darkness of night, so we can see each other and ourselves for if we come together as a whole, we will be ONE. and that is where it all begins and ends.